The Secret To Setting SMART Goals.

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How many of us feel we aren’t achieving the goals we’ve set ourselves? Perhaps you haven’t set yourself well defined targets or jumped feet first into unstructured training.

While exercise will make you feel better, it is important to sit and plan your goals first. Without a goal it’s harder to keep up the hard work required for training and looking after yourself.

Losing weight, gaining strength and better cardiovascular fitness are all goals, but be more specific with your aims or it will be difficult to maintain commitment. Decide what fit means to you. Whether you want to be able to play with your grandchildren in the garden or shop for a dress size smaller, making your goal specific will help you through those tough training sessions and provide you with that all important reward.

Make it measurable. It’s important to know how close you are to hitting your goals. Tracking progress helps motivation. I’m here to help you do this.

Make an action plan. Start planning! How can you fit activities and exercise into your normal routine?

Challenge yourself, but make it realistic. We are all different, find that “thing” that motivates you.

Set yourself a time frame that is sure to keep you on track. The most successful goal setter is one that keeps track of their own progress.

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